Electric Drying Stations

Electric drying stations are inexpensive storage options for your hearing aids and sound processors. They not only remove moisture from your hearing aids and sound processors, they extend the lifespan and keep the components clean. We offer a variety of electric drying stations from different brands. Here are among our top picks:

Electric drying station comparison table

Product dry-star uv 2 Perfect Dry Lux D-Dry Kit
Brand Flow-Med The Quest Phonak
Our audiologists’ rating
(Out of 3 stars)
Drying method Gentle warm conductive air Ventilator-driven pulsed air Gentle warm conductive air
Temperature 50°C 45°C Unstated
Hygienic cleansing by UV-C light 4 + 4 minutes Unstated 5 minutes
Button control Sensor button Sensor button Sensor button
Power supply USB power supply USB power supply USB power supply
Automatic room and temperature modulation Yes Yes Unstated
Automatic turn-off 4 hours 30 minutes 3 hours or 6 hours option
Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm 123 x 90 x 36 93 x 48 x 76 150 x 72 x 41

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