Concerto 2 Cochlear Implant

CONCERTO 2 Cochlear Implant

Advanced hearing technology. Proven reliability. Simple surgery. With the CONCERTO 2 cochlear implant, you can enjoy your best possible hearing both now and in the future.

Closest to Natural Hearing

Hear the world as it should sound thanks to our closest to natural hearing philosophy.

Ideal Electrode

Get the most out of your implant. We have a range of electrode arrays so your surgeon can choose the best fit for you.

Simple Surgery

CONCERTO 2 is designed for straightforward surgery, helping you to get back on your feet afterwards.

Hassle-Free MRIs

Have peace of mind knowing you can undergo MRI scans* with your CONCERTO 2.

Reliable Design

CONCERTO 2 follows the same high safety and reliability standards of all MED-EL implants.

A Bridge to Better

When it comes to picking a cochlear implant system, the most important factor to consider is the implant itself. Why? Because it’s the implant that has the biggest impact on the sound quality of your cochlear implant system.

Although you can upgrade your audio processor as often as you upgrade your mobile phone, the implant will be with you for decades to come. That’s why you should think about which implant will give you the best hearing both now, and in the future.

Technology That Follows Nature

MED-EL cochlear implants use advanced coding strategies, designed to give you the closest to natural hearing of any CI system. This helps you hear the high and low tones, and the fine details of both everyday conversations and your favorite songs.

What’s more, our cochlear implants are individualized, so that the electrode array fits your individual cochlea. This way, you can make the most of your cochlear implant, and experience the best hearing you possibly can.


Bounce Back From

To start your journey to better hearing, you’ll need surgery to get your cochlear implant in mind. To keep this surgery as simple as possible, we designed CONCERTO 2 with feedback from world-leading ENT surgeons. An easy surgery means you can bounce back from surgery and start enjoying the next stage of your hearing journey.


MRI Matters

Life has its bumps and scrapes, but CONCERTO 2 is with you all the way. Its specially designed magnet means you can undergo MRI scans at 1.5 Tesla*, without having extra surgery** to remove it.

That means no additional surgery before an MRI scan and uninterrupted hearing. CONCERTO 2 lets you have hassle-free MRIs without giving your implant a second thought.



Great Protection. Guaranteed.

Because of our long and positive experience with MRIs and cochlear implants, we offer a life-long MRI guarantee. We promise to replace your implant in the very unlikely event that it’s damaged during an MRI scan.

This life-long MRI guarantee for cochlear implants is the first and only to be offered by any company and covers all MED-EL cochlear implants from as far back as 1994. So you can feel confident about any future MRI scans.

Built for Reliability

When choosing your cochlear implant, you should think long term. Your implant will be with you for many years to come, so it needs to be built for future reliability and durability.

With MED-EL, you can expect a cochlear implant of the highest standard. Each implant is handmade at our headquarters in Europe, using decades of experience to ensure it is of the quality you deserve. It’s this dedication that makes MED-EL the reliable choice for your cochlear implant.

Our Audio Processors

After picking your cochlear implant, it’s time to choose an audio processor. CONCERTO 2 works with all our current audio processors so that you can pick the best option for your lifestyle.

And because of our dedication to giving you the best hearing possible, we’ve built CONCERTO 2 to be compatible with future audio processors too. That means that you can upgrade your audio processor in a few years’ time and enjoy the latest hearing technology.