KUDUwave™ Plus
Diagnostic Audiometry

  • Portable, boothless
  • Compact-Combines the sound booth, audiometers (one per earcup), bone conductor and headset in a single, device.
  • Auto and manual AC, BC and speech audiometry with masking

KUDUwave™ Prime
Screening Audiometry

  • Auto and manual AC audiometry

KUDUwave™ Pro
High-Frequency Audiometry

  • Testing up to 16 kHz
  • Monitoring ototoxicity and detecting early hearing loss

Other useful KUDUwave™ Features

  • Automatic and Manual Screening
  • Automated threshold seeking
  • Pure tone air testing
  • Patient compliance; false positive response indication and response button accuracy monitoring.
  • Active Noise Monitoring – (real-time noise interference detection at the ear)
  • Automatic PLH Shift Reporting
  • Customisable Testing Options
  • Patient Management and Medical Record Suite (KUDUwave 5 Software)
  • Telemedicine Enabled
  • Easy To Use, PC Based Interface
  • Superimposed Audiogram Viewer